Freedom Scoop Plate

The Freedom Scoop Plate is deeper on one edge then the other to allow for scooping, useful for liquid foods such as soup etc. The Scoop Plate comes complete with the removable Freedom Non Skid, No Spill Vacuum Pad attached to the bottom.

Scoop Plate Size: 205mm diameter

Scoop Plate 9”wide and 4 ¾” Height on High Side and 1 ¾” Height on Low Side
Freedom Dinnerware sticks solidly to any smooth table or work surface. It is virtually impossible to lift or move the plate or bowl. Each dinnerware item screws onto the pad (like a jam-jar lid) and the dinnerware can be washed in a dishwasher (top shelf), while the non skid, no spill vacuum pad can be simply washed and dried by hand.

To remove the non skid, no spill vacuum pad simply lift up any corner to release the vacuum. The vacuum pad can now be removed or repositioned.

The plates and bowls can be microwaved, but the bases can’t, so the recommended safest procedure is to heat food in the microwave and then transfer to the Freedom Dinnerware.

Freedom Dinnerware enables independant eating and drinking for people with physical disabilities, stroke, Parkinson’s, spastic cerebral palsy, autism, autisitic, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, full or partial paralysis, hand tremors Alzheimer’s, muscular dystrophy, arthritis or uncontrolled movement, no more chasing the plates and bowls around the table. Great for young children too.

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