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   A Range of Dinnerware Dishes that will not move!

A practical and revolutionary solution for people with disabilities
who have difficulty eating due to the movement of the dinnerware.

   Perfect for   Wheelchair traysOver-bed tables …..Flat table Tops  

These Freedom Dinnerware dishes were designed for people with low vision, hand tremors, paralysis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, stroke, Alzheimer’s, autism, muscular dystrophy, arthritis or uncontrolled movement and disabilities that that restrict hand movement necessary for eating independently. The extended rims, built in dividers, special scoop angles and non skid, no spill suction pad provide a solution to eating independence.

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Scoop Plate
with removable suction pad
$ 34.95 Scoop Plate & Pad
Complete Set
Snack Bowl
with removable suction pad $34.95 Snack Bowl & Pad
Complete Set
Divided Plate
with removable suction Pad
$34.95 Divided Plate & Pad
Complete Set

        Current   8 inch                              New    6 inch                        New   4 ½ inch

          Snack Bowl                                            Soup Bowl                                   Dessert Bowl


New    6 inch Soup Bowl with entire 15 oz  of Soup

$24.95 Soup Bowl & Pad
Complete Set


New   4 ½ inch Dessert Bowl with entire 4 oz Ice Cream

$19.95 Desert Bowl & Pad
Complete Set

Hit it! …Bump it! …  Push it! ..... It won’t move or tip over!

 Same as putting a lid on a jar No Non Slip Pads  needed…it won’t slide

 Each one of the  Freedom Dinnerware dishes come with a Freedom Suction Pad.
 Simply turn the Freedom  Dinnerware  dishes over and attach the Freedom Pad
to the  bottom of the Freedom Dinnerware dishes ,like  putting a lid on a jar and
 turn it by hand until it is securely tight. Freedom Dinnerware Dishes are ready.

 The Freedom Suction Pad  is a patented vacuum system. When you place the
Freedom Dinnerware dishes with pad attached, on a flat surface and push down
with slight pressure , it  creates a suction system that holds the Freedom Dish
in place and will not move  if  you bump it or hit it.

remove dish from table by  just lifting the edge of the pad to move it No Suction Cups & No Legs, to replace  
 No non-slip pads

Important !
Keep bottom of pad CLEAN and  table/ tray top surface CLEAN

Dishwasher Safe  Microwave Safe Dish Only


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If you are interested in becoming  a dealer for Freedom Dishes and Freedom Cupholders please click on  CONTACT for the Dealer Application Form
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